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GEOS at the Society of Ethnobiology 2021

Ethnobiology is a transdisciplinary field that brings together the knowledge of diverse actors from Indigenous and local communities to natural and social sciences. While this diversity of knowledge is crucial for engaging with socio-environmental change, it also raises complex questions about conflicting epistemologies, ontologies, and values. Philosophy of science has become increasingly concerned with ethnobiological research (Byskov 2020, Kendig 2020, Ludwig and El Hani 2020, Villagómez-Reséndiz 2020, Weiskopf 2020) in addressing issues such as knowledge diversity in biology, the prospects of knowledge integration, and the entanglement of taxonomies and values. The aim of this session is to take this “new philosophy of ethnobiology” back into the ethnobiology community to discuss its potential contributions to methodological and theoretical debates of the field. In particular, the talks will focus on interdisciplinary negotiation of ethnobiological research methods, the structure of dialogues between heterogeneous actors, and the relations between naming practices and taxonomies beyond a simple dichotomy of universalism vs. relativism. 

  • Ludwig: The new philosophy of ethnobiology - what’s in it for ethnobiologists? 
  • Nieves Delgado: From epistemic pluralism to interdisciplinary work in ethnobiology
  • Bollettin: 'Ethno' and 'Biology': Anthropological notes on multiple dialogues in knowledge practices
  • El Hani: Learning from dialoguing with and integrating Indigenous/peasant and academic knowledge systems 
  • Renck: Applying partial overlaps in ethnobiological studies in a Brazilian fishing community
  • Kendig: Philosophy of ethnolichenological naming practices

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GEOS Webinar Series

8 January 2021
Francisco Vergara-Silva
Loci of enunciation. The history and philosophy of ethnobiology in/from Mexico 

11 February 2021 
Sandra Harding 
Becoming an Accidental Ontologist: Overcoming Logical Positivism's Antipathy to Metaphysics 
Watch Sandra Harding's lecture on YouTube:

19 March 2021
Boaventura de Sousa Santos 
Science Technology and Innovation from the Perspective of the Epistemologies of the South 

8 April 2021
Arturo Escobar, Kriti Sharma, and Michal Osterweil 
Designing Relationally. Making and Restor(y)ing Life 

6 May 2021 
Geoff Bill
Imperial Vernacular. Phytonymy. Philology and Disciplinarity in the Indo-Pacific. 1800-1900 (starting at 4pm CET) 

10 June 2021
Helen Anne Curry
Local Seeds and Global Needs: Ethnobotany,Agroecology, and the History of In Situ Conservation in Agriculture

8 July 2021
Bagele Chilisa
Title to be confirmed 

14 October 2021
Pascah Mungwini
Emancipative Dialogues and the African Philosophical Practice 

4 November 2021
Laura Rival
Botanical Ontologies. Science Pluralism. and Indigenous Scholarship: an Anthropological Inquiry 

9 December 2021
Sabina Leonelli
The Dilemmas of Openness: Sharing Knowledge Across Research Environments 

 All seminars are from 15.00 – 16.30 hrs (CET)

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February 11 2021: Seminar Sandra Harding

Francisco Vergara SilvaGEOS organizes the second seminar with the American philosopher Sandra Harding. The title of this seminar is 'Becoming an Accidental Ontologist: Overcoming Logical Positivism’s Antipathy to Metaphysics'.

February 11 2021, 17.00 - 18.30 (CET)

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New team members GEOS

W​e’re excited about our new team members in the ​GEOS project: ​Adriana Ressiore Campodonio, Abigail Nieves Delgado, Matthias Kramm, Michiel van de Pavert, Gabriela de la Rosa, and ​Julia Turska all just start​ed working on their ​GEOS research. Welcome!

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